Family Dues & Reunion Fees:
The family had requested the reunion fees stay in the same price range.  The hotel is $47  less than the last reunion and the hotel breakfast is complimentary this year.
Prices are:
Family Dues
Reunion Fee
Adults (13 yrs & up)
$10.00 / per household
 $100.00 per person
Youth (6–12 yrs of age)
No Charge
  $60.00 per person
Child ( 3 -5 yrs of age)
No Charge
  $30.00 per person
Under 2 years old
No Charge
   $10.00 per person
Family Dues: Covers deposits, postage & stamps, printing, envelopes, labels, ink & paper, etc.  We have nearly 200 families on our mailing list so that adds up fast.      
Reunion Fees:
Friday's Poolside “Drop-In” Reception
Friday’s Family Bowling Night (2 hrs of  bowling, shoes, snacks)
Saturday’s Family Comedy Show/Dinner
Sunday’s Family Cook-Out & Magic Show
Welcome Bag
Ticket and/or Wristband (for entrance/admission to all events)