There are many branches of the Blassingame Family.  We believe that they may all be related. They were from the Seneca & Anderson, South Carolina area.  We have been informed that there were 2 Blassingame brothers who were separated during slavery days.  One brother went one way and the other brother went another way.  

Emiziah Sr. & Lula Evans Dirton had a daughter, Aurelia Dirton, who married Jim nto the Blassingame family.  Emiziah & Lula's son, Elliott Dirton, married a Berniece Blassingame.  So here, sister Aurelia Dirton and her brother Elliott Dirton both married Blassingames who were sister and brother, Berniece Blassingame and Jim Blassingame.  Also, 2 of Aurelia & Jim's children married brother & sister.  Horace Blassingame married Rose Henderson and Horace's sister, Helen Blassingame married  Rev.Alvin Henderson who is Rose's brother.    

This branch of the tree is of W.M. Blassingame who married Mary Jane Scott.  7 children were born to this union.        
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