1) Did you attend the 2011 Dirton Family Reunion?
I wanted to but was not able to
2) Do you plan to attend the 2013 Dirton Family Reunion (Greenville, SC) in August ?
not sure yet

3) What would you like to do the next time we meet?
Shop Till I Drop
Eat & Sleep & Relax
Tour attractions in Greenville
Talk & Visit with family members
4) If you did not attend the past reunions,why not?
I did not get any information
I don't know anyone
I could not afford to
I had to work
I had other plans
I have attended past reunions

5) What type of Family Project would you be interested in?
Scholarship Funds
Have a Fund Raiser to raise money for the next reunion
Family Cookbook
Genealogy or Family History
Helping a needy family or Comnmunity Service
Family Crafts
6) Is this website helpful to you?
not at all

7) Does the website interest you enough to attend the reunion?
not really
8) If you attended the 2011 reunion, did you have a good time?
Yes, I had a ball
No, I should have stayed home
It was alright

9) What type of worship service would you like to have in 2013?
Prayer Breakfast on Sunday Morning
Sit-In at a local church on Sunday Morning
It does not matter to me
10) Which would you prefer?
Talent Show
Family Play or Skit
Step Show
Story Telling

11) Would you submit recipes, pictures or stories for the Family Cookbook?
I can't even cook
12) If you saw someone at the reunion who looked exactly like you, you would?
I would run
I would shake hands
I would be shocked
It's a mirror you nut!
Well, they say everyone has a twin